Be Grateful

Why did I get the privilege to be this privileged ?? I may never be privileged with an answer, and I may never know why others were given livid living situations that are giving lives up to killings.  All I can do is be grateful for all the great blessings I’ve gotten.  Wanting more or […]

Feeling the Feelings

​It’s safe to say that safety has safely been a safe keep in America.  But lately, many voices have voiced how stately the shakiness of safety is.  Millions of Americans are beginning to refuse to view America as a refuge, yet refugees flee in terror and tear air to be in the red white and […]


​Honestly I’m getting frustrated, and frustration is the catalyst for this writings formation.  I’m getting to the end of my rope with our culture’s over sensitivity.  It seems if they sense activity that challenges their neat packages of titles and acronyms and their perception of social imbalances, then that person belongs to those savages that […]

Are You Accepting?

​I don’t want to generalize, but I want to call out some general lies that’s galvanized me to comprise a writing about how too often the liberal side lies in a bed that’s made to marginalize.  And it’s ironic because they’re iconic for fighting against outcasting people, and so when it comes to the topic […]

Don’t Be Fooled

​”Who am I?” Does that question ever scare you? Does it ever make you question everything about yourself?  Sometimes I take the simple way out and simply tell all the surface level symbols of my life.  I let people think my life is orchestrated like an orchestra instead of like a two year old playing […]


​I need too know what the bible promises. I promise I want too receive God’s flawless promise that brings infinite calmness, but sin is dressed up as the hottest goddess that will lead you into lawless darkness.  As a Christian, I know that last statement is honest, but too be honest, I feel like my […]

Why I Write

You ever ask yourself why do you do what you do ?? Or why are you who you are through and through ??  I think my answer is something that cannot be more true, and gives an explanation on why I so diligently write these opinions of my views, which I hope will make a […]