​Honestly I’m getting frustrated, and frustration is the catalyst for this writings formation.  I’m getting to the end of my rope with our culture’s over sensitivity.  It seems if they sense activity that challenges their neat packages of titles and acronyms and their perception of social imbalances, then that person belongs to those savages that ravage society causing damages that can’t be healed by bandages because they’re bandits that band together in order to manage the marginalized and keep them from their palaces.  I can’t keep passing passages that are so dismissive of people who aren’t politically correct. Yes we’re correct in being persistent in pursuing a position of a welcoming culture that respects and honors the dignity of different people.  However, this can only happen through constant conversation where everybody listens.  But liberals have distanced themselves to distances so far away from those listed as ignorant, that the idea of a meaningful conversation is fictitious.  This in itself misses the mission of inclusion by sending name calling missles at those who don’t use the same identifying terms as you.  And it’s abysmal people don’t see this abyssal irony.  But my greater pickle is with the way this will stunt growth.  Our progress will be more of a fizzle as we try to navigate this fickle and fiddle environment that seems to get caught up in too much frivol.  I’m not concerned with simple fiscal issues, but the exact same signals I’ve seen in social systems that liberals have had so many sessions about.  I just don’t see potential for progress if we can’t ask questions because it’s going to hurt somebody’s feelings.  And I feel liberals that we need a consensus to be contientious of how someone feels, but the truth is, truth will always offend someone, and we need to become more contientious of finding truth instead of always affirming feelings.  And I don’t mean to be pretentious but we need to allow more space for contentious questions, without the fear of being deemed racist, sexist, xenophobic, or whatever other endless isms and name calling that happens with so much vengeance. This is because those tough questions bring us to the root of tensions and problems, and only at the root will we be able to find mentions of precious solutions.  But real answers to social issues won’t be found until we allow honest inquiry to rule over emotions of someone’s life diary

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