Relativism and its Regrets

I will start off by admitting to my biases.  As a Christian, I have a biased nature to think that there is something as objective truth, meaning there are ideas and concepts and beliefs and moral systems and philosophic systems that are just wrong and incorrect, regardless of whether everyone believes them or doesn’t believe […]


Who are you when no one’s looking? Are you looking the way you look when you know people are looking? Or are you constantly looking to make sure no one’s really looking to see the true way you look? Becuase when I look around I see a lack of intensity directed towards integrity, so infidelity […]


Can you control yourself ?? Or has that virtue been collecting dust on the bookshelf ?? I’m talking about self-control during the moments you want to lose control.  Those moments when your anger lights someone’s heart on fire like charcoal, and only a diligent council can counsel and console that soul’s console to being whole […]

God is Good

In philosophy, there’s an age-old question about the nature of good.  Namely, what is good, and by what standard do we use to judge what good is?  Now, I’m not planning on going into the arguments for what people have said about this question, and how they have gotten there.  I more so just want […]

Seek and You Shall Find

As a Christian, there are lots of things I struggle with to make sense of on my journey of following Christ.  One thing that has pestered me throughout my years is how someone becomes a Christian.  Now there is a lot to consider on this topic and I certainly am not qualified to answer any […]

Unanswered Questions

Have you ever wondered where Happiness was hiding; where Joy was residing; why each day resumes in the residue of a confused path reduced to aimless wandering since Purpose has put it’s dwelling in the illusive? Have you ever wondered what’s the right way to live; if there’s a right way to live; if your […]