I can’t stress enough the care that goes into everything I write.  I hope everything you read is being presented in love and care and in no way trying to suggest that I think I’m better, smarter, wiser, or above anyone else.  Many of the things I write, apply directly to me.  However, I do hope some of my pieces sincerely challenge you, and make you take a deeper look at life and the reason you live the way you do.  I hope my writings spark conversation that will lead to us trying to find better ways for all humanity to live together in this world we have.  You must know that all my inspiration and motivation comes from the life I have received in Jesus and I just want everyone to be able to experience the joy, peace, calmness, and love that I have felt from Him.  With that, I hope you enjoy this blog, and please don’t be afraid to challenge me and some of my ideas and bring up issues that you disagree with.  However I do ask that it happens respectfully so there can be a productive and useful conversation where truth will prevail.