A Prophet’s Pathos

Instead of seeing prophets as primarily predictors of the future, Heschel wants us to see them as expositors of divine pathos.  The prophets have a deep relationship with Yahweh and thus are attune to his emotional life.  The Heschel quote for this paper states that a prophet is in “fellowship with the feelings of God”.  […]

Black People Mixing Religion and Politics

There are legitimate reasons for wanting to keep politics and religion separate.  There are definitely ways of separating beliefs you have about the world into beliefs that are specifically religious.  That being said, it is much more difficult and nuanced than it may seem for black communities to separate religion from political engagement.  In some […]

Malcom and the “White Man’s Religion”

One Christianity’s fiercest critics in recent history was none other than Malcolm X.  Malcolm himself was a very religious man who admired and revered many figures in the Christian faith.  He also was very familiar with the faith itself.  His father was a pastor and Malcolm has spent much time studying the bible.  This meant […]

Race in Ministry

One thing this class has made clear to me is that race is real.  I’m not saying it’s real in any scientific or biological way, but real in the sense that people have different experiences in the United States, on account of their race.  Thus, when thinking about effective and biblical ministry, it needs to […]

God’s Mission has a Church

God’s church doesn’t have a mission, rather God’s mission has a church.  I can’t underestimate the potency this change of perspective has had on my understanding of God’s mission on earth and my place in it.  It has deepened and enriched my understanding of God’s fundamentally missional nature.  It has also challenged some of my […]

Africa’s impact on Christianity

History has a way of reflecting the interests and assumptions of those who write it.  All the great things we love and cherish had to originate somewhere, and coincidentally we trace their origins to our own ancestors.  To combat the narrative in the West that Christianity was founded primarily around Rome by white Greeks, Oden […]

Jeremy Taylor Against Roman Catholicism

The Church of England throughout history has produced thinkers and practices that have impacted the global church.  As Anglicanism began to emerge and take shape during and after the Reformation, Jeremy Taylor was an important leader who helped form and justify Anglican theology and practice.  Taylor used his skills and influence to take aim at […]

Leviticus 20:9-21

The first thing to do in interpreting the passage at hand, Leviticus 20:9-21, would be to put it in its historical context.  There are a variety of perspectives when considering authorship.  Traditional views credit Moses as its author,[1] dating the content to the latter half of the second millennium BC.[2]  On the other end, others […]