Are You Accepting?

​I don’t want to generalize, but I want to call out some general lies that’s galvanized me to comprise a writing about how too often the liberal side lies in a bed that’s made to marginalize.  And it’s ironic because they’re iconic for fighting against outcasting people, and so when it comes to the topic of accepting those who think differently, they talk it but don’t always walk it.  I’m not writing this to diss those who are more liberal than me, but to call attention to a tension that I think doesn’t get enough mention, and it’s if the left meets their own standard of acceptance.  Because their apprehension to those who may disagree with them is adding to this dimension of dissension as there’s no extension of understanding or grace to hear the other sides’ contentions.  Now, of course we need to put society on a course where we are in concourse to not be coarse to people just because they live differently, or endorse beliefs different to mine our yours, but you cannot enforce acceptance by force.  Unfortunately, that’s the source it seems the left uses to reinforce their ideas.  To frequently I’ve noticed how those who don’t agree with the left are seen as the biggest bigots who inhibit progress because of their non-existent ability to listen, and their want to limit people’s existence to an imprisonment where if you step out of bounds, you deserve to be smitten out of existence.  If the left lived the life of acceptance they view as acceptable, then they wouldn’t demonize and demoralize those who’s views are in complete opposition, but would work harder to understand their opponents.  As a poet, I feel the onus to use potent words to bring my frustrations to the open.  So, please don’t think I’m opposing those who are proponents of living in tolerance and grace, but I’m opposed to those who’ve chosen this mindset, but then can’t tolerate and give grace to those who disagree with their version of tolerance and grace.

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