​Half of wedding vows end up being promises made with crossed fingers.  I figure it’s because many linger in loving someone for what they do, and not more so, for who they are.  So, we are left with a mirage of marriage where half the world facilitates this facade that romance remains to reign until happily ever after, and the other half sticks to a barrage of messy messages that camouflage marriage into being a prison that locks you up in an unfulfilled, mundane life, that is saturated in boredom.  And to add to the sabotage, we’ve boarded up an entrance to happiness by crediting the blossom of a career, as more desirable than giving your heart to someone from top to bottom.  With our fractured view of commitment, we’ve done away with the standard stature of the man to take care of the woman, and let these actors manufacture love with their ability to say words that flatter and allow them to capture a woman’s heart without actually acting out love.  It’s like a hypnotist has hypnotized men to be hypocrites who become what they’ve criticized after securing a woman.   As a result, our culture of elevating sensuality has left us with the haunting of hundreds of hungry husbands hunting with hunger for hot girls which is humiliating to humans.  So, we confuse sensation with sinsation, because Sin’s saying to do what feels good now and forget about consequences.  But women aren’t completely innocent in the demise of marriage either.  Our combined comfort in the option of divorce has divorced us from the need to be commital, and has incentivized us to be more careless in who we care to have care for us. Because death till you part, really means until it gets too hard.  And this robs us of the beauty of having a bestfriend who’s with you till the end, through thick and thin, and stands by your side after everyone has left, because they honored their vow to do all of life with you no matter what life threw at you.

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