Don’t Be Fooled

​”Who am I?” Does that question ever scare you? Does it ever make you question everything about yourself?  Sometimes I take the simple way out and simply tell all the surface level symbols of my life.  I let people think my life is orchestrated like an orchestra instead of like a two year old playing the cymbals.  So, I use crystal clear cliche answers that swindle people into thinking there isn’t a signal of a single sinful impulse in my pulse.  I’ll mingle in the middle of superficiality and act like athletics and academics have a super official definition of who I am, but finance and football could never find the footing to describe who I am in any real way.  I’ll appeal to friends and family to describe some character traits or interests that appear, as though they’re supposed to reveal my type of humor and the ethics I support.  And as similar as I am to my friends and family, they aren’t me.  I’m so much more intricate and complex than broad similarities between people.  So let’s get intimate as I go in increments to travel the near infinite nuances that can be a nuisance in giving you a fluent description of myself.  I’m done giving a decryption but ready to give a clear picture.  I’m a man who is broken in every notion.  Just because I haven’t spoken hurtful words to people doesn’t mean I’ve never felt or thought them.  Too often I’ve stolen first impressions from countless people with my preconceived judgements.  I’ve noticed how my head gets swollen when I focus on the potent potion of pride I open whenever I think writing poems or deep thinking makes me better than others.  I can’t leave out the numerous moments I’ve chosen to objectify women by their bodies in inappropriate ways that is shameful for anyone who acknowledges the Eucharist.  It doesn’t take a humorist to see how humorous it is to use useless generalities to describe a person.  Because even though my flaws are luminous in showing my imperfection, they only capture how I’m filled with fractures, but not how my captor is redeeming me in the coming chapters.  Because the Holy Casper is casting out the crappier parts of me into the crapper each day and replacing it with my master’s mastered matter.

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