You Hypocrite

​The horrendous hypocrisies from holy men have horrified humans and heaven for hundreds of years.  These hypocrites claim to hold the hue of grace, but withhold and hide helping hands, holding the homeless helpless.  I see no hint of hesitation in hailing that their hands hold the whole of truth, yet their lives are haunted with heinous holes of lies.  It’s no wonder the world is only hearers and not doers of the word, for we have watched our examples be only hearers and not doers.  Christians say we come to welcome all the unwelcomed.  Well, when they come, we systematically send senseless sentences searching to edit their endless issues and flaws before we extend an ear to hear their unending torment.  So, they think they’re ending a world of ridicule and judgement, only to be ridiculed and judged in a different world.  It confuses me the level of confusion the church holds towards humans who refuse Christ.  It doesn’t take Confucius to see that from the outside, the clear conclusion looks like there’s a collusion of loonies looming over communities trying to control people with convoluted rules and myths like communion.  Christians are living this illusion that it’s sin in people that is excluding them from Christ, when really it’s the pollution of sin in the church that is propelling people away.  Why allow the intrusion of Jesus into your life when you see a life that’s gone through that infusion, and it bears no clue that it’s including anything life changing.  You see no difference in their love or hope or humility or humanity or care or kindness or compassion or confidence or conviction or forgiveness or freedom or faith or fortitude or servitude or self-control or joy or generosity or gentleness or grace or peace or patience or passion or diligence or determination or deliverance or desires.  There’s no reason to give your life to a stranger who will give you a new one with no change.  As Christ’s ambassadors, we have gone beyond our parameters and propagated a perpetual spiritual massacre.  And as an amateur who has managed to aid this lackluster love of God because of preference for lust, please don’t trust us for pleasing truth, but pursue the person of Jesus to find the essence of what it means to be in God’s presence.

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