When it’s Love

​How do you know you’re in love with someone? Like the love where you feel like they’re the humane human out of all the humans in humanity with the perfect anatomy that you can properly love because we can follow God’s act of amnesty.  And she is so outside the normality of morality that she can dramatically make you put your immorality to fatality.  I promise this kind of person isn’t a fallacy or fantasy because I’m actually with this person in actuality.  That’s why I’m trying too elaborately let you know this is reality, so you can know when you’ve met that person that can spark a family.  If you have the audacity to say you miss them after only a day of the absence of locality, and the thought of them leaving you is a horrific tragedy or travesty, then I valiantly suggest you actively practice chastity. This will give you the capacity to avoid so much unnecessary catastrophe, and naturally give you a relationship deeper than the galaxy.

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