A Past to Remember

Our memories maintain the minutes of emotions that make us who we are at this moment.  As I look back at my past, I contain a component of condolence while combing through my history of controlling indulgence.  But, for all the heart breaks and mistakes I’ve chosen, happiness and joy plague my mind leaving the […]

This is LOVE

Love, a word people love to say, love to require from others, love to demand from humanity.  But, what does love mean? I hear people say they love their family, but then actually treat them with apathy.  People talk about loving their friends, yet don’t know how to forgive with complete amnesty, but do it […]

Content of Contentment

“Never be satisfied, always strive for more, stay supplied with a hunger who’s appetite will never die.  If you’ve ever settled, it’s meant you set up a settlement in a setting several levels below what’s meant for you.”  I’ve personally bore consequences uglier than a boar because I got bored with progress and settled with […]

When it’s Love

​How do you know you’re in love with someone? Like the love where you feel like they’re the humane human out of all the humans in humanity with the perfect anatomy that you can properly love because we can follow God’s act of amnesty.  And she is so outside the normality of morality that she […]

My Love

​The perfect kind of love comes from up above.  It makes it easier when you’re sure you’re girl resembles a heavenly dove.  I promise you I love to love my love and play with her lush hair.  But lust is not on the list, because then what we have would be lost.  There’s lots of […]

JOY over happiness

You just want to be happy? Why does half of me feel like that’s half the story? Sorry if I’m being upfront, but when happiness gets to be up in front in our life, we see how it’s unfaithful, and uses it’s craftiness to slip through even the craftiest of hands.  It exits leaving a […]

Power of Relationships

I love people.  Giving a person a peep hole into my soul so they can peep the whole of who I am from head to toe is a feeling everyone should know.  There’s a liberation that comes from not putting a limitation on the library of information that shows your definition like a dictionary.  It […]

Got Joy?

​Living a life you enjoy is all about perspective.  Those who constantly live in joy know how to perceive excessive excess of cake as the icing on top, and not the cake, which itself contains the recipe for a joyous life that will rest in peace.  If you’re never at peace with the green of […]