This is LOVE

Love, a word people love to say, love to require from others, love to demand from humanity.  But, what does love mean? I hear people say they love their family, but then actually treat them with apathy.  People talk about loving their friends, yet don’t know how to forgive with complete amnesty, but do it with animosity.  People talk about loving their significant others, but then see physicality as a priority to their personality.  People say the world needs to love more, but then have the audacity to speak such hateful words to those they disagree with, which hold no capacity to find commonality or show hospitality.  What does love mean? It’s beyond being called beautiful, it’s past the aspect of affection that affects your irrefutable sexual desires. Love isn’t sensed in sensual sensations, but is only seen when sacrifice is seen as essential.  Love doesn’t insist on its own way or incite resentment,  but is where appreciation and freedom coexist.  It’s more than just being nice, it’s more than saying things to make people feel good. What does love mean? Love is kind and it doesn’t just kind of forgive, but keeps no record of wrong.  Love is the ancient agent that has been able to bear all things, hope all things, believe all things, endure all things since the ancients.  Love is patience, it doesn’t pay cents to show it’s commitment, but displays a blatant statement of sacrifice that doesn’t get complacent in its current placement.  It doesn’t come in the place of a compilation of compliments, because that alone doesn’t show complete love.  Love isn’t bought by the sacrifice of money, but by the sacrifice of of time.  A relationship with no sacrifice has no love.  If you want a relationship with love that has meaning to the full, see how much they will sacrifice what they view as meaningful in order to invest time in you.  I’m meaning full disregard of their hopes and dreams to prioritize your hopes and dreams.  What does love mean? The person willing to put you above themself has shown you love.  If they put your needs over their’s while insisting to have truth permanently permeate the air, I promise you that’s genuine love, something oh so rare.

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