Can you control yourself ?? Or has that virtue been collecting dust on the bookshelf ?? I’m talking about self-control during the moments you want to lose control.  Those moments when your anger lights someone’s heart on fire like charcoal, and only a diligent council can counsel and console that soul’s console to being whole […]

Unanswered Questions

Have you ever wondered where Happiness was hiding; where Joy was residing; why each day resumes in the residue of a confused path reduced to aimless wandering since Purpose has put it’s dwelling in the illusive? Have you ever wondered what’s the right way to live; if there’s a right way to live; if your […]

This is LOVE

Love, a word people love to say, love to require from others, love to demand from humanity.  But, what does love mean? I hear people say they love their family, but then actually treat them with apathy.  People talk about loving their friends, yet don’t know how to forgive with complete amnesty, but do it […]


​When people think about identity, they try too identify who they are and who they would like to be. Whether it’s perusing integrity incessantly, intensely working hard to showcase their intensity in order to intensify and ingraine their incredibly high moral supremacy.  Or there are those who look at life more cynically, and feel helplessly […]

I Won’t Give Up On You

​What more do I need to say to get you to say you’re goin to state that you’re in a state where you ain’t straight because you strayed away from my state and that you don’t want too stay a stale spirit with a soul full of sin’s stain.  I’ve tried to tell you I […]

Invest in What Matters

​I want to inspire people too inquire about the day they will expire to see if what they aspire to accomplish are accomplishments worthy of aspiration, perspiration, and eye condensation.  Life is too short to be a common patient of constant worry of condemnation. So, I hope my computations that point too Jesus being the […]

Where’s your Worth?

​There are few things worth more than self worth, and trying to make your wealth your worth is the worst.  There’s very little sustainable worth in wealth.  The fact that only a few words can be the death or birth of someone feeling valuable, means loving should be a capital value.  When people feel like […]