On Our Own

Quickly, is your busy city tipsy from the whiskey of risking the needy for comfort’s needs? As we pick pixies to please our babies, gypsies pity the future we predict for siblings burdened by a suitor of shooters since infancy. Nipsey’s hustle humbles our trouble. We struggle to rumble the rubble of his castle as […]

Clear the Religious Air

His approval should move you to prove you choose to lose you to renewal. An unusual removal of walking by your pupils to be his pupil. But we pool into stalling cause it’s appalling to see an apostle’s apology of apostasy, just an apostrophe joining autonomy and autocracy. So your theology probably won’t see the […]

Right Now

Entering eternity isn’t an exiting of the temporal for it exists not only in the future but is featured in the present.  We look forward for the after life but don’t have to wait until after death to have life.  Death encroaches my “right now” like roaches, infesting my propensity for investing in living corpses […]

The Silent Church

It’s dangerous to think the danger of racism was erased by legality, because we’ve still displayed decades of decayed morality wrapped in decadence. It’s true we’ve passed pass the past when whips made blood the color that covered a colored and when trees were decorated with the ornaments of hanging brothas. But the sickness of […]


Church ! Proclaim the death and resurrection that profanes death.  The incarnate infiltrated the land of the dead to liberate life.  Three days later the Christ returned risen and his rise will never end.  He has prevailed against the gates of Hell leaving that conquest as a conqueror.  There’s no longer need to conjure up […]

You Belong

Everybody longs to belong, and you’ll be longing too long for belonging if your logging bonding hours talking about belongings.  When to many conversations are revolving around materials of matter, and not the materials that matter, there’s no evolving of the relationship.  The lack of involving someone in your inner thoughts prevents the involvement of […]


Can you control yourself ?? Or has that virtue been collecting dust on the bookshelf ?? I’m talking about self-control during the moments you want to lose control.  Those moments when your anger lights someone’s heart on fire like charcoal, and only a diligent council can counsel and console that soul’s console to being whole […]

Unanswered Questions

Have you ever wondered where Happiness was hiding; where Joy was residing; why each day resumes in the residue of a confused path reduced to aimless wandering since Purpose has put it’s dwelling in the illusive? Have you ever wondered what’s the right way to live; if there’s a right way to live; if your […]

This is LOVE

Love, a word people love to say, love to require from others, love to demand from humanity.  But, what does love mean? I hear people say they love their family, but then actually treat them with apathy.  People talk about loving their friends, yet don’t know how to forgive with complete amnesty, but do it […]


​When people think about identity, they try too identify who they are and who they would like to be. Whether it’s perusing integrity incessantly, intensely working hard to showcase their intensity in order to intensify and ingraine their incredibly high moral supremacy.  Or there are those who look at life more cynically, and feel helplessly […]