The Silent Church

It’s dangerous to think the danger of racism was erased by legality, because we’ve still displayed decades of decayed morality wrapped in decadence. It’s true we’ve passed pass the past when whips made blood the color that covered a colored and when trees were decorated with the ornaments of hanging brothas. But the sickness of our history can’t be cured in half a century.

If my great grandparents can still mourn the memories of lynching mobs then maybe the generations we’ve generated are still engendered with pollution from racism’s potent pollutens.  America’s hidden from the heinous handiwork of it’s hideous history, and to keep hiding only heaps hurt on those who were horded by the hordes into horrid ghettos that hoard horror.  Civil rights gave America laws in its head to follow but the hard part is following them in the heart.

America preaches equality, but practices disparity.  It promises opportunity, but promotes confinement.  Black people want to be productive citizens, but the only option you offer corrupts our innocence.

So even when we put our hands up, you can bet hands down, we’ll be left with our hands up telling God we can’t win this fight with our hands down.  I’m not advocating that people need to catch these hands now, but what would you suggest if peaceful protest left you crying in your hands now because the brown image you reflect doesn’t get the respect of being touched by God’s hands, wow.

So who will face the defacement of God’s image when those who are the Lord’s hands and feet aren’t protecting His face?  The church defames the Lord’s name with a faith that doesn’t lighten the burden of the socially destitute but only focuses on its own fate.  We hear y’all weigh in on Yahweh yet y’all way is preoccupied with venerating personal piety, but pure religion also prescribes visibly visiting the vulnerable in their afflictions.

Christians declare their doctrines cure the ills that puts the soul in a coffin, but black memory hasn’t forgotten how this toxin was central to the concoction that bound us to cotton.  The religious used this religion to demand black’s submission, by fabricating our inerrant fabric into the fiction that it was inherent for black’s to inherit a humanity that didn’t merit God’s full image.  We know abolitionists saw a victory in 1863, yet the legacy of slavery still has heritage in our moral heredity that’s given to our progeny.

Considering all this, the church still can only give series of sermons surveying the serious ways we’ve seared our souls with sin by indulging in the flesh.  But then sits in silence when dark flesh gets their soul seared by persistent prejudiced procedures.  Is the complexity of complexion too complex, or can dark folk receive the light to brighten their darkness, without having to forsake their darkness?

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