You are Good

Nine to five for the rest of my life until I die.

God, you are good.

I fight to find joy in these monotonous Mondays that repeat themselves with the repetition of monstrous perdition.   So with my exhausted conscious I fail to be cautious of the constant petition of mental infidelity which files in infidels who forge disparage into my marriage.

God, you are good.

And these demons parrot their parent and cherish as I perish from the temperature of temporary temptations, which tempers the temper of the tempter since I make it so easy for him to enter.

God, you are good.

So each day I wear the despair of doubting my ability to overcome self doubt as it wears my confidence into the ground.  Oh but the irony of ironing is that it takes a hot iron to smooth out the wrinkles of anxiety.

God, you are good.

Underneath the pressure to pursue perfection, I panic and purposely perpetuate my fallen state as a perpetrator.  So to cope with my planned disobedience, I present myself with the pleasures of pleasing my flesh not seeing that sin funds the fraud fun through the burglary of discipline.

God, you are good.

And this cycle cycles through my psychosis as I sacrifice the immaterial to profit in materials.  But in my distress, Holy spirit you de-stress my stress with rest as you bring the rest of the triune presence.

God, you are good.

You empower my wife with power from your empire to care for me and fight for us to keep you as our emperor.

God, you are good.

And when I’ve never felt emptier, Jesus you emptied yourself to fill me with a heavenly endeavor, so now I have confidence knowing my job is within the Father’s Will.  And as the author of life, the Lord will alter my life as I give it up to him on the altar.

God, you are good.

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