I Won’t Give Up On You

​What more do I need to say to get you to say you’re goin to state that you’re in a state where you ain’t straight because you strayed away from my state and that you don’t want too stay a stale spirit with a soul full of sin’s stain.  I’ve tried to tell you I […]

Invest in What Matters

​I want to inspire people too inquire about the day they will expire to see if what they aspire to accomplish are accomplishments worthy of aspiration, perspiration, and eye condensation.  Life is too short to be a common patient of constant worry of condemnation. So, I hope my computations that point too Jesus being the […]

Where’s your Worth?

​There are few things worth more than self worth, and trying to make your wealth your worth is the worst.  There’s very little sustainable worth in wealth.  The fact that only a few words can be the death or birth of someone feeling valuable, means loving should be a capital value.  When people feel like […]


​Before they got married, Mary had an angel tell her she was carrying the messiah by the power of same spirit that created the Himalayas.  When God revealed all this to Joseph, Joe set all his faith in the Lord that Mary had not been unfaithful, and that God would be faithful to redeem this […]

Use Your Words

There’s something I haven’t spoken on explicitly, and it may seem I’ve mentioned this implicitly but I need to come out and say vividly, that as Christians we must spread the gospel not only by our actions that are seen visibly and visually, but equally through our words which is ministry.  This involves us not […]

How He Loves Us

One thing I need to speak on that needs to be leaked too the general public is that God’s love never peaks. If you are feeling weak this week then take a peek in the bible, and if you look at revelations you might tweak, but don’t trip because everyone has a streak of sin […]

Reading the Bible

It’s crazy how many Christians have never read the bible.  That’s why so many people’s faith remain idle and fall into worshiping an idol as if we are tribal, because they don’t realize that an idol is just anything you put above God. Unfortunately, the world is caught in this exact cycle, causing the Christian […]

I Can’t Live Without

There’s only one thing that will always deserves my authorship, and it’s because there’s no doubt that God is the one I can’t live without, since I’m always displaying his sponsorship as we go together each day in this partnership. I must show my partner’s part in my heart, which would rip apart if he […]

A Letter to Christians

This letter to Christians is filled with letters under my submission composing words into a coalition that are commissioned to petition for a theology I think is missin’, and doing it in a way where love is leading the mission so this won’t be construed as mischief like a mistress.  But I also don’t want […]

Why Christ?

I wish people knew how much I want them to know Christ. Only he can show a life, that in order to know life, you can’t say no to light but must know his light. Unlike every other guy, Jesus successfully unties all the tangled lies that reside in our insides, because when hard times […]