Use Your Words

There’s something I haven’t spoken on explicitly, and it may seem I’ve mentioned this implicitly but I need to come out and say vividly, that as Christians we must spread the gospel not only by our actions that are seen visibly and visually, but equally through our words which is ministry.  This involves us not acting timidly, but actively sharing wit non-believers so they can feel the divinity of the trinity and experience God for years that add up too infinity.  There’s one important thing that’s being ignored, and that’s how much we are adored by our Lord when we let him use us too sing his holy musical chord to every ward in the world, and we can’t afford too miss the reward of being restored by our creator. You will find how much of God you have yet explored, because while sharing you need to be completely in faith with God and vulnerable.  This may be uncomfortable, but only here can you find a relationship that’s so perfect it doesn’t seem discoverable.  When you have too trust Jesus you’ll see how he’s so lovable and with faith like that your relationship wit Him will be so durable you’ll realize that our savior is so wonderful that it’s not even utterable.

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