My Target Audience

Let’s say someone were to read everything in here I’ve written, I would want them to see I’m spittin’ to the part of people they like to keep hidden.  This part tells men that hittin’ on every girl isn’t fitting too living a life that’s filling.  It tells women that strife is really all you stride for when you dress like your prides tore, because wearing skimpy clothes attracts more and more men who act like a boar and just want too treat you like a whore for a sick fantasy score, even though at your core you’re a creation of God that has a soul so vast, that any man should want too take his whole life too explore.  I feel like I can properly mediate to show you if you meditate on your life, you’ll see where God’s words can medicate and alleviate you from guilt, as it levitates you too an elevated spiritual state.  I hope my words can affect people in every state, even if they hate Jesus and don’t believe God had planned them a glorious fate.  I pray that everyone will see when you don’t hesitate too trust God, who’s glory is unendingly great, your life will begin too gravitate towards holiness as you try to imitate Jesus in having a life that relates to love like an Australian woman and her mate.

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