Frustrations With Christians

Lately I’ve found myself way to bitter, because too often I bicker with people over things that are more useless than kitty litter.  And I’m about to go on a rant and sub-tweet like I’m on Twitter, because too frequently I’m seeing Christians love liquor more than God, who’s bigger than anything on earth that’s significant. I’m getting so frustrated at how ignorant people can be.  They don’t see the imminent problem with claiming to be Christian, but then living no different from the world, and then try to speak on the one who is most magnificent, but when it comes too his word they are basically illiterate because their location to Jesus is so distant.  So they don’t really know Him, but have this figment that portrays the kind of God that fits their best interest.  It makes me so indignant that they can’t see that getting belligerent is so malignant for their spirit, and I wish they could see in this instant that every minute wasted not following Jesus, is another wasted being away from the king who’s the most brilliant and that spiritually, we are all craving too fully experience the one who is most holy.

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