Why I Write

You ever ask yourself why do you do what you do ?? Or why are you who you are through and through ??  I think my answer is something that cannot be more true, and gives an explanation on why I so diligently write these opinions of my views, which I hope will make a new me to ensue.  So don’t construe anything I write as me thinking I know more and am better than you, but really see it as someone who only wants too accrue blessings from the Lord which is the greatest revenue, and only wants too whole heartedly pursue Jesus so I don’t screw things up with a girl whose smile can make me subdue.  And in attempt too improve, every night I review my day and pray that God will renew my heart before the next morning dew, so I can rid my heart of the sins that are always with me like a tattoo.  The main one I haven’t completely withdrew from is lust, and I know leaving that sin alone is way overdue.  I don’t write these for my own vanity, but so I can intimately get too know Jesus in all his intricacy, because his business is an infinitely perfect industry which will additionally show me and my love how to have the perfect intimacy.

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