​Before they got married, Mary had an angel tell her she was carrying the messiah by the power of same spirit that created the Himalayas.  When God revealed all this to Joseph, Joe set all his faith in the Lord that Mary had not been unfaithful, and that God would be faithful to redeem this earth.  The birth of the Prince of peace was the catalyst for billions of rebirths containing peace beyond what you can attain from a piece of burning cannabis. Our savior was born to be the king of kings who bore the sins of the world so he could usher in his kingdom to this world.  As a baby, he was a warning that God was coming that morning, to bring mourning to the proud and rich who lived a life sworn to scorn the humble and the poor.  The existence of this infinite infant is our instrument to decipher every act of our designer and see his endless desire to be near those who are worn down and to restore those souls that have been torn by sin.  It’s quite strange that in this manger laid a major being with a nature that ruled the angels, but his main goal was to serve us mangy strangers.  While still a babe, the wise came to give gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to herald this “king of the Jews” who would hold immense power leaving Harod helpless.  To be frank, his incense will be the satisfactory factor to satisfying our souls, and this scent proves to be more valuable than all the jewels and gold.  Because the presence of this Jew will alter how we understand love, after we give up our lives at his alter.  How lucky are we that Jesus sees us, and responds to our paise and comes to seize us and cease us from living in our ceaseless seasons of sin.  His ceaseless grace has overcome the grave and gave us life beyond Time’s gaze.  And even though we can only merely graze the depths of his love, it compels us to come and passionately pass out compassion to the masses.  So, in order to honor His day of birth, Christ must be the genesis of our Christmas for us to generate generosity for this generation throughout the whole day for this holy holiday.

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