Where’s your Worth?

​There are few things worth more than self worth, and trying to make your wealth your worth is the worst.  There’s very little sustainable worth in wealth.  The fact that only a few words can be the death or birth of someone feeling valuable, means loving should be a capital value.  When people feel like they have no value, they begin too evaluate life with the wrong value statutes and they see that values are rarely valued.  What’s more damaging and challenging than being an extreme pessimist, is managing a life you don’t believe should be celebrant.  You feel like you don’t add any benefit to the world because all you can focus on is the definite deficit you bring from being so decadent since your existence has been a constant detriment to a delicate society.  You feel destined too live this desolate life for an indefinite amount of time.  And the truth that people can feel as if their life is below negligent and that living itself is their nemesis, shows the prevalent need for an eternal president.  Who’s the opposite of petulant and has an intimate nature that is preeminent to us completely being free of ever feeling irrelevant.  Because this intelligent geneticist is the reason for your genesis, and he’s a specialist in making ppl feel like the specialest.  His temperament is so benevolent and affectionate he can’t help but show you how elegant and excellent your life is, because it’s evident the value of your element is beyond estimate.

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