​I need too know what the bible promises. I promise I want too receive God’s flawless promise that brings infinite calmness, but sin is dressed up as the hottest goddess that will lead you into lawless darkness.  As a Christian, I know that last statement is honest, but too be honest, I feel like my life is so dishonest. You wouldn’t believe how often i want too be pompous and not modest.  I know Jesus is the model I should model my life novel after, but my sin nature can be as awful as a brothel.  Too often I want to reject the gospel, and be an apostle too my own selfish thoughts that are the opposite of thoughtful and will lead me too become hostile.  So, Lord i need my residency with you to be an eternal hostel, because if you’ve seen the movie hostel, it’s possible that’s what sin will do too your soul if you don’t cut off it’s nozzle.  And I can’t wait for my soul and Jesus too nuzzle, and I pray that God will put a muzzle on that muscle in my head that just wants too clamp down on truth like a mussel, but it so frequently muffles the Lord’s truth as it looks at sin and then feels puzzled that I’m not trying too guzzle down the lies the world tells.  Even though they are subtle, they can funnel you too a point where you are forced too humble yourself and cry out to Jesus to cuddle and coddle you like you two are a couple. Even as I explain the danger of being coupled too sin like a couple, I need too take a couple seconds myself and scream out for Jesus, because I know that God’s power and sin aren’t coupled. And that the Lord’s words are way sweeter than sin’s world.  I need a whirlwind from the holy spirit to wind me back up to live for God, and not whine about how hard life is as I look at a sinful life as desirable and sweet like wine.  Because, when I tastes heaven’s wine, I’ll find Jesus’s lifestyle is just fine, and I should pursue that until it’s mine because following God’s sign is how you get eternal shine.

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