Invest in What Matters

​I want to inspire people too inquire about the day they will expire to see if what they aspire to accomplish are accomplishments worthy of aspiration, perspiration, and eye condensation.  Life is too short to be a common patient of constant worry of condemnation. So, I hope my computations that point too Jesus being the sole composition of your soul, will free you from that hole. Especially those who have less than those who have least.  I hope to at least show God’s lease to just one person who lives in the streets, so I can then start a streak too show how too properly motivate those who are underprivileged.  Even though I grew up under a privileged household, it would be my privilege too be in the presence of those who pillage and show them God’s image.  I know I can’t relate to their daily visage and their family’s blood spillage, but I do understand everybody wants too be the start of a great lineage and be somebody history sees as vintage, and that life has no interest in our interests and seems too put us in debt with trouble and fears and then accrues interest.  But if you show some interest in Jesus, it’ll be interesting the way life changes and becomes interesting.  We all desperately need Jesus regardless of social class. Until we accept this, we will continue too live guardless lives to sin, and will guard less of our hearts and guard more of our money and possessions we see as dope. As we continue too guard hope from those who need it most, and this is more destructive than dope.

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