Subjec1ne on More Than One Subject

Subjec1ne is a local hip hop artist here in Des Moines, Iowa.  Despite growing up in an economically difficult household, he thoroughly enjoyed growing up in his neighborhood.  He felt like his neighborhood environment was peaceful and that everybody treated each other like family.  Growing up as a child, he enjoyed music and liked to sing in talent shows, but never really took things too serious.  He was really interested in sports as a child and mainly invested his time in playing basketball.  After graduating from Hoover High School, he went on to play basketball in college.  After a couple of years though, he suffered an ACL injury which ended his season.  After a long road of recovery, he was ready for the next season to begin and overcome this injury.  Unfortunately, the cruelness of life wasn’t done with him yet, and in the beginning of the next season, he fell victim to another ACL injury on the same knee.  In the midst of this tragedy was when his career was born.  With so much free time on his hands while in bed recovery, he turned his energy towards rhyming and freestyling over beats.  After messing around for a little while, his roommate Kelly Madison (now rap partner known as K-Lo Kells), told him that the music he was making was honestly good and something he should start pursuing with some seriousness.  From then on, they both have turned their attention towards making rap music and even started their own label called Young High And Dope or YHAD (Young era, High class, And Dope music).

As an artist, Subjec1ne wants to bring real life events and emotions to the ears of his listeners through providing substance along with expert lyricism in his music to impact and change individuals.  That’s what he loves about rap so much, and is so saddened to see is missing in music today.  He admires and appreciates the way rap can tell powerful stories and real struggles in a way that you can feel it, and create an emotional attachment to the music or the artist.  But what he is seeing in the mainstream rap is a debauchery and embarrassment to what rap and hip hop should be.  He feels that many of the new and popular artist have mastered the art of turning up, but possess no substance of value or any quality in their lyrics.   He is inspired and captivated by the combination of realness and cleverness he sees in J Cole’s music and is trying to be an artist who can break through all this noise and provide something real that people can feel and relate too.  The two main things that motivate and drive him in making music is his desire to provide for his family, and his need to express the things he experiences in life.  A lot of times he will just freestyle over some beats because that when he is most organic and exposes his most raw emotions.  However, he likes to balance that out with writing down verses as well because then he is able to take more time and be more thoughtful and diligent with his work.

When Subjec1ne started his career in Des Moines back in 2012, there wasn’t much here in terms of music.  However now, he feels there is a lot of local artist who contain impressive talent.  He is really hoping and feeling that 2017 will be a break out year for the Des Moines music scene.  One way to make this a reality would be for the local artist here to band and unite together.  If people were actively working together to help each other get exposure, there’s no doubt in his mind that artist here would start blowing up and putting Des Moines on the map.  He’s had the pleasure to work with local talent like Lady Rain, Hurtz Hits Production, Julianno Dock.  He is confident that Des Moines is ripe with quality musicians and that if people would begin to work together, they could do something special and drastic for the music scene here in city.  Right now, Subjec1ne is working very hard on advancing his career.  He is focusing heavily on the marketing side of his brand and getting his music in front of more listeners by better promotion.  He wants to be putting out music more frequently, and even release some sort of media every Saturday and call it Subject Saturday.  This year is going to be an exciting and revolutionary year for Subjec1ne and you don’t want to miss out on what he will be doing.  Make sure you check out his SoundCloud, Subjec1ne, to listen to all his music.  He has a show coming up this Saturday, July 28th, at Wooly’s and will also be performing on the 25th at Drake University.

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