I Won’t Give Up On You

​What more do I need to say to get you to say you’re goin to state that you’re in a state where you ain’t straight because you strayed away from my state and that you don’t want too stay a stale spirit with a soul full of sin’s stain.  I’ve tried to tell you I will strain all your sins out if you pursue too perform on my stage, but you stare at me and expect me to perform all the forms of prayers you think will give you the stairs too the top and will transform you into what you see as the perfect form.  I’m here to inform you that first you need to not conform to society, because it will deform your soul into a storm that’s in a swarm of sin.  But if you just let me reform you, the research reports that I give my endless resource that results in you starting to resemble me, which is better than anything you could reason.  Here’s the reason most people don’t get to this holy region, it’s because they don’t want to trust me with their lust and other lists of sins that rust their soul, and want to do things on their own.  And then just have me bless them and give them things to own.  If you let me own your life, I’ll give you more blessings that you could hope too own.  If your confused, it’s my greatest pleasure too give you everything I own just so we can be in a relationship that’s shown to give you more love than any human has ever known.

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