My Love

​The perfect kind of love comes from up above.  It makes it easier when you’re sure you’re girl resembles a heavenly dove.  I promise you I love to love my love and play with her lush hair.  But lust is not on the list, because then what we have would be lost.  There’s lots of reasons why I couldn’t stand to lose this girl who is more valuable than any amount of loot you could loop, because her voice is so sweet i could but it on loop.  I get reminded of that when I find out she’s gonna climb in her car and visit me at work and my mind gets so excited too see her! Even though we just dined together the night before, and was confined in the same house in the morning time.  My incessant infatuation makes me feel like God has assigned us to combine and bind.  As long as we are aligned with Jesus, our love can never be declined or unwind.

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