If Sin Could Talk

​It’s so sad ppl don’t know how I operate. Humans’ souls and I copulate and populate children that are a conglomerate of all my different aspects that help me separate them from God.  They don’t see how often they corroborate and collaborate with me to help complicate their relationships.  People think the good they do should compensate for the bad, so they will become exonerate for violating God’s laws. They don’t see how they are isolating their souls, because they think isolating their sins from the public is calculating to help them into heaven.  Every time you’re living in me, you’re dehydrating yourself from the only living water.  Now there’s a whole new climate I’ve got you in, where you migrate away from the warmth of Jesus and begin to hibernate in the cold desolate world I’ve put you in.  That’s how I function.  I know how to meet you at junctions where you’re likely to malfunction and I start my slow process of deduction where I systematically continue small reductions of your soul till the discussion isn’t how much of you is left for my consumption, but how I’ve got you in full abduction.  Because you didn’t understand I’ve mastered deception just to cause destruction so you never have an introduction with the perfection of God that will lead too giving you a heavenly induction.

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