An assessment of culture

We watch people give money a high place and treat it like it’s the means and the ends.  When really it’s just the means to the ends, and I mean this needs to end.  Because the end of seeing money as meaning, means the end of meaningless pursuits of money, ending with lives with no […]

If Sin Could Talk

​It’s so sad ppl don’t know how I operate. Humans’ souls and I copulate and populate children that are a conglomerate of all my different aspects that help me separate them from God.  They don’t see how often they corroborate and collaborate with me to help complicate their relationships.  People think the good they do […]

Good People Doing Bad

Often in life we wonder how can good people make such atrocious blunders. Like the number of pastors who cover up that they’ve been under the covers with women who they aren’t under marriage vows with.  Or the mothers who appear to be the most sincere and compassionate lover in public, but at home she […]

Sin has Power

Hearing death is defeated, and sin has no control sometimes sounds like a feat not wholly completed.  Everyday I feel defeated and beaten down by the constant role sin plays in my life as I roll in my bed tossing and turning about how I’ve let sin infect my soul.  I’m baffled that even though […]