An assessment of culture

We watch people give money a high place and treat it like it’s the means and the ends.  When really it’s just the means to the ends, and I mean this needs to end.  Because the end of seeing money as meaning, means the end of meaningless pursuits of money, ending with lives with no meaning.  We revel in the revile lie that money reveals real happiness, but we need a revival to rebel against this pursuit of pleasure.  We subscribe to the media scribes who scribble fickle scripts that strip us of direction, and direct us to grasp after the air leaving us gasping for life.  So instead, I’m scripting out my life from the scriptures so my script’s sure I don’t allow liquor to litter my soul with liters of leaders who’ve allowed alcohol to be above all.  Just yesterday I saw men Solomon would call solemn men from the jester way they gesture to follow folly to fill them with it’s emptiness.  Man has fallen into this habit to inhabit that “gotta have it” habitat.  And there’s only a few stranger things than being concerned with what strangers think about you, because trying to impress people who don’t know or care about you seems to impute stress and depress those who do care.  We disregard our loved ones love because we love to confide in ourselves and abide in the vice of bidding on pride, which makes selflessness a figure head like the vice Biden.  And it’s all true in them, that altruism is a system of wisdom that condemns their narcissism.

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