Good People Doing Bad

Often in life we wonder how can good people make such atrocious blunders. Like the number of pastors who cover up that they’ve been under the covers with women who they aren’t under marriage vows with.  Or the mothers who appear to be the most sincere and compassionate lover in public, but at home she neglects her children and makes them suffer because she would rather drink wine and be a drunkard. How about the stand up kid in the community, who does all the service in the summer but at home the only service they do destroys the family community, because everything they say or do would make you shudder.  Sometimes you just gotta wonder how does this happen.  And even though God answers the question louder than thunder, many people still don’t hear that sin is the root of all evil and it will sunder your life.  You can’t even ponder the detriment you cause too your soul when you wander away from God and go over yonder with sin. Because the deadly deal with sin is it blinds the mind and binds too the heart as it tries define evil as divine and find a way too help you rationalize evil as fine or not that malign as long as it stays hidden behind all your benign and sublime acts.  That is such a cancer, and sign your life is not inline with God, because sin will put you in line to be inclined to not see all sorts of issues that come along with being prideful.  It distorts your vision to be able to see God’s version of morals.  So now you’re on a diversion that’s causing a division between you and Jesus to where you can never make a clear decision since your moral precision has been diminished with the distraction of sin’s incision and it’s provisions.

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