My Spiritual Situation

I’ve recently seen a light that’s illuminated that this isn’t a light matter, and that I should not be alight on thinking my spiritual life is alright, becausebarely any part is all right.  All I write right now, will highlight my eyesight on Jesus, despite my downright sin appetite, and if I can be forthright, I don’t need any foresight to see how much contrite is in sight, because my heart incites me to rebel against the Lord’s sight.  But let me give you some insight on why I indite these writings on how God should indict me for my spiritual crimes, because instead he decides to invite me to have him live within the sides of my insides so I can delight daily in his daylight.  Unfortunately, I still put his beautiful truth in handcuffs, and make up that the freedom that lies with lies covered in pretty makeup, is good enough.  I’ve had enough of how much I discuss the disgust of my lust, because I want to just shut up and enjoy the robust joy living amongst the Lord’s trust since I’ve begun to see how much at a loss you become when your lost and have lost desire for God’s loft.  So I’ve found that being found pulls you out of being drowned in fear that compounds and abounds in running away from sin’s spellbound hound that hounds a confound soul that has confusion in the foreground and Jesus in the background. So I always try to listen to the renowned sound of God’s sound voice, that will always astound you with profound peace crowned with grace and covered in a love gown.  Living my life in the Lord’s harbor, will let me harbor love and selflesness, so I can help my partner in our parlor, and arm her with the Lord’s armor so no harmer could harm her.  I think there’s no mystery that I need to live in authenticity by mimicry of the Lord’s ministry, and being authentic happens when publicly, my public life is publicity for how I live privately, because there’s only true validity when my private and public life are in symmetry. If those two don’t match, then my life will burn like a match, because we’re in a match where the enemy wants to snatch our soul and attach it to the latch that opens hells hatch.  So a lot of days I question my faith, bc I have an obsession of wanting to break sin’s oppression and even through the expression of every concession and confession of every transgression, I know I’m on a progression of having a profession of being the Lord’s possession.

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