Wake Up Call

Do you know what it means to feel alone ?? To be a loner with a loan taken out on being disowned ?? So at home, you hone the knife you use to atone for the helpless tone of the moan and groans your soul has thrown at the throne of companionship, which has grown into this unknown cornerstone of life that you’ll never know.  So you use self injury as a cortisone for the pain, and to show that you have some control over the events in your life zone.  Although, all that really does is postpone the crippling cologne of life’s catacombs that smell like your powerlessness, and chromosome of living forever solo.  Then you begin to download and decode the code of society that has exposed the life you’ve been bestowed, should demote to below being showed.  Because all you really are is a load of dysfunction and disjunction, that when in conjunction with the world creates malfunction.  And the deduction of your life will end your obstruction and corruption to positive production, while simultaneously saving your spirit from the daily construction of destruction that was a consumption of happiness which made life a dungeon.  However, I don’t want you to feel depicted as the single person who is afflicted by the addiction of self harm to deal with life’s infliction.  Because to be honest and unscripted, if we’re realistic many feel convicted and restricted to be stricken by self loathing and hopelessness, which they feel has been cast on them by a sadistic mystic until their apocalyptic finish.  Now, if we as a society want to assist and help, we need to understand the answer isn’t prolific or cryptic but at its very core is simplistic. In simplest terms, we need to love in a way that’s holistic and not be a critic or cynic to self harm, but we need to be consistent with linguistics that are intrinsic with care and support, that always leave the person lifted and aren’t built with any shame or guilt.  Because humans are gifted with being able to use twisted words to make someone feel wicked and twisted if they struggle wit something listed as distant from normal. This causes people to distance themselves in an instance, and are resistant to listen, but I need you to listen.  We can’t keep missing the mission that has driven people to give in, and feel imprisoned to the guilt and shame that has risen from the way society has written that, “intentionally causing an incision to yourself,” is a petition to be given shame and omission of your self dignity condition.  Please have some recognition that this thought should be a prohibition, and we need to pursue the proposition for not shaming those who make the transition and brave decision to get assistance, because we need it to be intuition to understand and serve before emission of judgemental munition in the first minute just because someone’s position is in opposition to our opinion of an acceptable tradition. Right now I need to ask that my religion would be forgiven, because as a Christian, we have been to quick to blame a mental struggle on a demonic apparition and then partake in an exorcism.  When all they needed was someone to hear their despair, and be there in it with them, and love them like Jesus would with endless thoughts and prayer, and then let them share the raw emotions where they don’t wear guilt.  Because your primary affair is to be right with them when they stare into the blackness life can prepare, and you spare words because your presence is all the care needed to make them aware someone cares and that their life is rare. Because their creator isn’t elsewhere, but in the air that follows them trying to tell them not to be scared, since he declares he will never leave them lonesome like solitare.

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