Following My Path

We only have about eighty years before our bodies become achy, and at that point you don’t want a heart that aches and breaks because you constantly put the brakes on following your fate, where you would’ve accomplish something great.  But you were afraid that it would be hard, and that you could get a little frayed, so you stayed where it was comfortable and convenient, instead of being an aide that brought aid to those that needed it.  Sometimes the key ingredient to being obedient to your calling is to be a little deviant, and deviate from the norm.  Because those with the greatest achievements would be in agreement that in order to fulfill your unique life’s purpose, then it’s expedient that you are willing to take a risk and follow your calling immediately.  You don’t want to miss your chance to do something that’s never been done previously, which could seriously improve society.  I’ve sincerely been thinking about the severity of not being what God has meant for me.  That doesn’t mean life will be severely worse if I’m not, and don’t to pursue it fearlessly.  But I want to fiercely follow Jesus’s plan, because I’ll be furiously upset with myself if I back down because the journey might be mysterious.  So as a result, I end up playing it safe.  And become a financial accountant who believes that having good finances, a fine fiance, and an account that’s higher than most ppl can count, can count towards having a life account that’s substantial.  However, that’s an example of not living up to my potential if I put to much stock in stocks that will give me a valuable financial life that has no eternal value, and not more concern into how to cancel my selfish desires and get a handle on how I’m supposed to make an ample improvement to this world.  You can see why I’m concerned with being assured I’m sure I’m following God’s words.  Because I want to ensure I will experience the fullness of life that occurs when I stay on the path Jesus prefers.

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