How is this still a thing?

A mandatory minimum is an allegory for a system that’s a synonym for a predatory curriculum whose category of statutory discipline doesn’t truly aim to give justice to an unlawful citizen.  I agree that sin among the innocent needs to be at a low limit, but like cinnamon in the eyes, it burns watching this live cinema that has significant sentencing standards that are illegitimate and incorrectly enacts imprisonment.  I totally agree that we need an instrument to implement  equivalent punishment for every participant that participates in breaking a law.  But we are in a predicament where we have non-violent offenders, who aren’t even center members of the large drug vendors, but are in jail as larger lenders of life to prisons, than a hedge fund swindler or rapist.  It just is that justice may be different for the same crime in a different instance.  Because we need to allow the judge to get intimate in each intricate case.  And making a mandatory minimum sentence has sent too many to many people to the entrance of an attendance in jail longer than any length a judge would see with acceptance. When we take the independence away from a judge to judge, we smudge a fudge load of fudge colored substance over the trial process that’s let non dangerous people possess tremendous jail time that in no way represents the amount they’ve transgressed.

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