A Letter to Christians

This letter to Christians is filled with letters under my submission composing words into a coalition that are commissioned to petition for a theology I think is missin’, and doing it in a way where love is leading the mission so this won’t be construed as mischief like a mistress.  But I also don’t want you to miss stress, and not feel the vicious riches of being convicted by the spirit that keeps our life from getting twisted and viscous, so we can flow straight for God’s vision.  Which will show that living for religious legalism or cheap grace can seem delicious, and they both can disguise themselves as being ambitious of living for God, but are actually suspicious of being fictitious and not being submissive.  Because there’s a balance needed, where we vote equal amount of ballots making grace and law both valid and avidly added so we see the beauty when they mix together on our palette.  Both sides get a power trip and don’t see how they’re being a trip when they think their power strip is the source of power, and they would feel power stripped if they would move close to the middle.  However, they close themselves from God’s power when they fiddle on either end, because yes Jesus did free us to be free men under freedom.  But that doesn’t mean we commit treason and live as heathens and abuse our liberties and not protect against demons just because we are forgiven and not under the law because sin has been defeated. Jesus also did come and enhance the law and make it a stricter legal list, but we shouldn’t become egoist from being legalist and think people who find the opposite gender attractive are hedonist, or that strict law adherence is what puts us forever in Jesus’s midst.  In some facet we need people who are on either side of each habit, but aren’t drastic or fascist about their life style.  Because each style of life can compile a worthwhile stockpile of supporting facts. That doesn’t mean we put the other side in hostile exile, but it should show that our profile should be a compromise that comprises both sides with their fullest supplies so we advertise being able to exercise living in a way to harmonize each enterprise.

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