I Can’t Live Without

There’s only one thing that will always deserves my authorship, and it’s because there’s no doubt that God is the one I can’t live without, since I’m always displaying his sponsorship as we go together each day in this partnership. I must show my partner’s part in my heart, which would rip apart if he decided to depart, and not be a part in my part of this lifelong film called life. Some may disagree with this part, but I love to think that the entity that parted the red sea, also loves me so much he pardons me of my sins.  Pardon my fowardness, but please don’t be hardened to the garden of eden, because the one who lives there fights like a spartan to be the stardom in your life. And he bargains with the power he has over carbon, as deserving your love because that’s his ultimate target. You should mark it in your mind that the only market God wants the whole margin in is love.  All this lyrical jargon is garbage if you think his love is to be a decoration for life like a garnish, and don’t see that I’m saying it’s the one garment you need to cover yourself with because it will never tarnish, and it will hold you up in life like a harness.  The process of letting him harvest your heart is harmless, and it will take you out of any darkness.  Because knowing that through Jesus, you get total forgiveness for the darkest darkness you can cause, is why I need the Holy Spirit to inhabit this sinful carcass.  I don’t need to feel condemed of my evil habits becuase Jesus payed that price for the entire planet.  I’ve been very elaborate with why I can’t live without the one who made the sabbath, but truthfully the answer is very simple and clear as crystal, which is that God will never let me be a single ready to mingle.  He’s given me a signal that no matter how much my life is a symbol of being sinful as I swindle and broken as a cripple, Jesus’s love will never dwindle.  He will be right in the middle of every ripple with me.  Even when I’m not acting civil and my soul deserves a bullet from a pistol, Jesus shows his love isn’t fickle and picks me up to kindle the fire I have for him.  And reminds me of the riddle that, no matter how much I run from him, he will chase down so I can feel his healing embrace and use my face to show his face to those who haven’t experienced his overwhelming grace that will erase even the worst disgrace.

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