This is a Woman

I’m just gonna be transparent and not cushion any of my ideas about what it means to be a real woman.  We need to cut down the wooden idol society has made that has us acting like woodmen because we make females feel like their self-worth comes from their bosom. Many seem to believe this since we don’t have a good definition of how women should act, and that’s the exact reason why I want to extract out the lies. Lies like; a real woman has a contract to constantly attract men who contact her phone about how they need to interact, because attention from boys is what keeps girls confidence intact.  The world makes it look like a fact that girls only spend their time gossiping and talking about feelings while shopping with bags packed with clothes and jewelry that can be tracked back to credit cards that transact in so many purchases their limits are capped.  If the mall’s not where they’re at, then they’re at home cooking and cleaning and rubbing their man’s back.  Some of this is implicit, but society wants to solicite and elicit these ideas as not illicit, but women please see through this bigotry and understand a real women is meant for bigger things. In order to do the things that are bigger than you and me and will change history, you first need to have dignity and know that your body is more valuable than things found in antiquity.  Also know that the person you are inside, is literally more beautiful than any symphony and the epitome of resiliency. So a real woman lives ambitiously and never settles below her ability.  She can choose to live domestically, or get paid for skillfully performing some activity.  And even though she has sufficiently mastered sensitivity, that doesn’t mean she lives timidly.  She will deliberately defend the beliefs and people she loves viciously.  I’ve learned all this from a brilliantly lovely girl, whose life gives these ideas some validity.  I think a lot of the mystery of this planet’s misery would be solved if we had more real men and women, instead of letting grown sized boys and girls run this world .

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