We Need Men

The definition of a man is something both men and women need to understand. With 7 billion people you get about 7 billion different answers that are feeble and many are worth fecal and keep your mind immature like fetal. Needless to say, many feel like a man needs to be the point like a needle, where most the income comes from. Now here, in comes the most common dumb humdrum characteristics of a man that’s given us the outcome of many people’s definitions that insist men are numb to feelings and never succumb to sensitivity.  Because the male system only consists of wisdom regarding sports, violence, money, and sex with a woman.  So females get treated with minimum respect unless someone wants sex, then she’s treated as the queen of a kingdom.  Until after, when she’s regarded as a hoe and scum, because she is a victim of his word games and ended up giving him some.  Also, as a male, if you don’t practice aversion of being any version of a virgin, you’re either a vermin or urging people to think you’re a gay person hiding behind a curtain.  It’s been determined that a man practicing celibacy is disturbing, and this idolization of sex is disturbing.  It’s caused a decrease in the intimacy a man feels with a woman, and caused him to forget her delicacy.  Because even as his counterpart, he throws her until she hits the counter part, because he forgot how to count her part as the part that counts as the most important part.  However, if you look at Jesus’s life, it showed the main parts a real man is comprised of, like trying to contrive to get the prize you get after you paralyze your pride.  Or how a real man would never compromise the things he would categorize as divine, and that a real man would emphasize on how to empathize, because how can you love if you can’t sympathize with someone’s broken sinful life caused by the humanized sinful eyes.  A real man would never womanize or idolize idealized thoughts of money filled lives, but instead is mesmorized by the things he can memorize about those he cares about, and would mobilize at any moment to protect them from anything that would antagonize their enterprise. Because he puts to demise his desires, in order to devise a way he can specialize in making the size he serves, a serving size where he’s serving the whole size from side to side and does it with a heart that doesn’t scrutinize and is so open, spies wouldn’t be able to find any lies, because it has nothing to hide and realizes that an honest life would never synthesize anything, and he would live to symbolize the love and grace our Lord supplies.

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