Major Decisions

Declaring a major is a major decision when I’m trying to go to the majors and be professional danger to the comfortable life I want to put in danger. We are endangered of humans willing to rebel like a teenager, because the vast remainder remains in the safe container with their manger, since society has made that their nature.  No one seems to see how this is so much stranger than a stranger.  And in a sense, I’m not innocent, because I’m in the scent of this incident of being intimate with the feeling of being safe, with the imprisonment of living safe, so I can have value locked up in a safe from my nine to five while I die alive since I’ve made it my business to be a man in business that doesn’t allow someone up in my business.  But in a vision I see from my inner vision, I envision a revision in the form of an excision that creates division between me, and the division of me that cowardly cowers like a coward at being empowered with power to crush my fears to powder, and chase my dreams every hour.  It’s our nature to settle with convenience, instead of climb to the top of the dream tower equipped with a blessings shower, and I want to be washed in that shower.  But I’ve made a decree in getting this degree that is of high degree, and will make me a commodity of high degrees and help me make a lot of money.  But I’m starting to find that although finance is fine, my mind is a mind full of mindful metaphors and rhymes that show signs of godly confines as I use my time to study lines from rappers who mine their soul for the design of lyrics that shine in creativity and define how to combine words that chill you to your spine.  This is why I’m notably pulled by the potency of poetry, with how it eases me more than a pull of tree, as I see how it’s graceful like falling leaves and alleviates pain like aleve.  I’m still hesitant to leave business because I feel it’s been revealed I’m supposed to be active in each field.

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