Got Joy?

​Living a life you enjoy is all about perspective.  Those who constantly live in joy know how to perceive excessive excess of cake as the icing on top, and not the cake, which itself contains the recipe for a joyous life that will rest in peace.  If you’re never at peace with the green of your grass, you’ll lose a piece of yourself every time you think someone else’s is greener.  When you fail to see greener grass as a fallacy, you end up falling asleep every night thinking, “everything is failing me”. I’m as certain as can be that more people need to ascertain the concept that more joy isn’t found in more of a campaign toward a life that can treat champagne like water, but that lasting joy is in one that appreciates water like champagne.  I pray I’m using eloquence to show the elegance of life when you put emphasis on the elements of life that are the eminence of joy.  Appreciating and taking advantage of opportunities is a glorious way to be joyous, as long as we don’t do things solely just to bring glory to us.  Humans are notorious for focusing on themselves, resulting in losing the victorious value you get from laborious efforts to be grateful.  Too often we forget the importance of enjoying the joy we get from those who’s love for us doesn’t depend on if we’re dependable expendables, but choose to love us independent from what we can independently do for them.  There’s always more need to put more attention on the value we get from being silly and talking nonsense with friends, and then being able to have serious conversations with those same friends that allow no nonsense.  And we must not become numb to the nature of nature that nurtures our imagination and creativity as we uncover the unimaginable ways the world creates systems so genius, it makes us wonder if the genus of it’s genealogy came from the gene of something more magical than a genie.

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