A Crisis in Calling

I ponder why I bother to bother you with the contours of Christ’s honor. I conjure claims that sponsor my founder as a fonder conqueror to convert the saunter wanderer. But the sum of my somber wonder wonders if this squanders the hunger of sufferers when I asunder their intellectual plunder. Ideally we deal with […]

Check Me Out

Livin in persuasion of inspiration, fighting invitation from my cravin’. She might be nice wit the spice but aint tastin like wife’s Cajun. They sayin I’m caged in gaging occasions to chasten chasin temptation. Y’all hatin’ my haven that hasten to heaven raisin’ revolt like Haitians. But the patrons of hatred make us patients pay […]

I’m Talking to You

Anyone feeling me? Anyone really healing from these? Or do I speak these lame lines from my veins in vain as vanity changes the range of my fame. I invite you to come play in my brain, then complain when you leave the same. Maybe if I mine my mind I’ll find it’s not as […]

Still Pissed

I scream and shout but you teem with clout that clouds my loud dreams and teams me with your stout house. Unanswered anger manifests into festering distress upset with your process.  Regret rejects your confessed rest and protests your professed blessed intellect.  Inspect these grotesque events that express the effect of bereft prayers that expect you to forget I’m oppressed and […]

Am I Too Much?

The discord of my discourse dis courses of chaos cursing women as whores because we resort to the resource of sex as our recourse from our divorce with remorse. Maybe my pieces are off putting to the public because I publish philosophical treatise treated by theological theses of Jesus and justice with rhymes that encompass […]

The Tension

God you search my heart and know my every deeds, yet I still feel the need for humans to understand me.  I wish sincerity could be physically seen and felt in these words, instead of just inferred.  I wish my feelings could be tangible so people could touch the teeth of my cannibal emotions instead […]