Be Who You Say You Are

Time to be transparent in wearing my heart on my sleeve.  I wish I breathed to be adherent to your inherent inerrant heart but instead I’m wanting a warrant from the abhorrent horror of cherishing a caring God who disappears without warning.

Don’t feel cornered in your corner cause your the cosmic heavyweight champ, but I’m throwing heavy hands carrying the burden of my sorrows that make me dread my tomorrows.  Maybe I should borrow another’s name when I proclaim my pain cause it feels like my prayers are under an embargo.

Naa, frankly, I want you to know it’s Kyrell who is angry with the anger of a gangster.  Hope you can hang with the fire of my fierce fiery that has felt your vacancy that transcends all understanding.  Any man can see the blatancy of your latency looks like lazy symbolism rather than divine wisdom.  I’m driven to lyricism with criticism of cynicism because the heroism of your altruism has left me a victim of your system where you withhold the glory of your kingdom.

The humor is you want humans to cry hallelujah even when you knew ya played Judas and betray our union cause I’m living in a closed casket with captions that disclose my captains absence.  Is this what you bargained for when you bargained with death for my pardon. Pardon this part of my hardened heart that harkens you to hear the harvest of my darkness.

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