Still Pissed

I scream and shout but you teem with clout that clouds my loud dreams and teams me with your stout house.
Unanswered anger manifests into festering distress upset with your process.  Regret rejects your confessed rest and protests your professed blessed intellect.  Inspect these grotesque events that express the effect of bereft prayers that expect you to forget I’m oppressed and next to neglect.
The trinity used to be my remedy rather than an enemy sending me enmity putting an end to me. I’m an entity of entropy that can only be used by you.
But when I try you and attune to your triune tune you pour discord in your chords in accord that I would harm your harmony.  Has harlotry with sin afforded me your sword?
I can’t fail to feel these blasphemies that blast me with bashed dreams as I broadcast abashed hope that you are steadfast.  I stay fast fasting joy and peace asking poise to be in my feast.  Do you see me as least cause Sorrow’s leashed me into a lease?  Please stop the tease and release me with relief.
The motive for the motion of my emotions is the potent notion that your noting the poison causing pain but won’t pull out the potion.  Your reckless love better wreck all barriers that are burrying me.  If you can’t tear down the walls that wall me into dread or climb the mountain of my head, I’m heading for death because I’m afraid my anger is too dense for you to penetrate and let me face the life found in your face.

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