Am I Too Much?

The discord of my discourse dis courses of chaos cursing women as whores because we resort to the resource of sex as our recourse from our divorce with remorse. Maybe my pieces are off putting to the public because I publish philosophical treatise treated by theological theses of Jesus and justice with rhymes that encompass piecing together peace over discussing disgusting discussions that are the substance of our moral destruction. Corruption has abducted creativity into captivity and so to keep the dignity of word play as a holy activity from the divinity, I use play on words to play with words that play the Lord’s way. Sometimes this demands sophisticated lyrics stimulated by the sacred prayers of clerics so I may critique the gimmicks of our civic spirits on how they hold the humanity of humans as hostages in bondage. In my poetic syllogisms you see the symbiotic nature of my logic and symbolism as a system of sound reason in synergism with creativity and compassion to compensate for the costly symptoms of sin.

So to soften my prophecy would be the sophistry of apostasy. But to understand how I possess this skill like an apostrophe you probably need to go to the Origen with Augustine and intervene with the Byzantine father’s whose daughters brought us the highness of Aquinas that lead to Hume and Kant and the wanting for Malcolm and Cone. Who’ve shown need to look to those like bell hooks who hook you into excavating for efficacious ethics and to clear up confusions like Confucius as we look to see how the noble truths of Buddha boot us into the truth that all aspects of our lives must praise Yahweh with hallelujah.

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