A Crisis in Calling

I ponder why I bother

to bother you with the contours

of Christ’s honor.

I conjure claims that sponsor

my founder as a fonder conqueror

to convert the saunter wanderer.

But the sum of my somber wonder

wonders if this squanders

the hunger of sufferers

when I asunder their intellectual plunder.

Ideally we deal with ideas

freely in the arena of reason.

But even a decent schema

can’t out scheme the demons

of freedom that free them

to see me as dumb.

I stay heating heathens

with the fire of Christ’s desire.

But this dire message dies a liar

as ears tire

from hearing tired voices apologize

for Christians contradicting lives.

So I join the choir hired

to sing God is higher

than the highs of the lies.

Oh how I abuse views

of the world that don’t approve

my worldview

like this proves my truth.

Yet few ever choose

to lose their views

because the virtue of my proofs.

Am I confused or is it a muse

to think conversion isn’t a ruse

cause I’m amused by its failing rules.

We root on those routes

that root out the roots

of the thief that loots belief.

But it’s hard to believe

we achieve these things

from the degree of creeds

that decree deeds

of disbelief in Christ’s deeds.

I thought I fought

for the spiritual cause

of my dawgs

but our fall

applauds a pause of paws

clawing after God’s clause.

But I cross the cross

and make it a fraud

from flawed laws appalled

that God’s squad may squash

my plots with plans beyond awe.

As I massage this monologue

I hope you caught

that camouflaged facades only sabotage.

A barrage of mirages

withdraw our call

to recall what we forgot.

For we got installed

to be enthralled with his call.

Now we’ve evolved

to revolve around what’s involved

in our stall.

I’m losing resolve

as our default

is to absolve our faults

and dissolve ideas

just because we want them to be wrong.

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