Check Me Out

Livin in persuasion

of inspiration,

fighting invitation from my cravin’.

She might be nice wit the spice

but aint tastin like wife’s Cajun.

They sayin I’m caged in

gaging occasions

to chasten chasin temptation.

Y’all hatin’ my haven

that hasten to heaven

raisin’ revolt like Haitians.

But the patrons of hatred

make us patients

pay in patience

as they pray their prey

stays in praise of complacence.

We claim disdain of enabling,

but can’t abstain from disabling.

You should hate the way

shame is handed down

more than a handout.

They ran towns

sellin in melanin

until blacks were ran down.

Yet we standout

with eminent elements

to stand proud.

Go let your brains comb through

some James Cone

and bring flames to your dome.

Foes stole stones from my home

but can’t take my cornerstone.

Their corny show

shows you reap what you sow,

as they’ve sewn in what the Reaper’s shown.

I roam through life in Christ alone.

They travel in packs to attack your soul,

describing God as a monad.

No matter I’m a nomad

with the trinity as my homeland.

Yeah, y’all program grams as Prozac

but props to pops

that taught popping tops

won’t let you relax.

Man my greatness is gracious,

naa that basis is baseless

and these famous faces are graceless.

Face it you can’t fake this,

your fading masks leave you faceless.

These basic phases

made our nation naked

in shame’s basin.

Basing our fame

on being wasted in Vegas

over phasing out racists.

I do this for the culture

that suffers from ulcers,

culminated by cults that burn like sulphur.

Holsters strapped with toasters

that’ll burn your bread

with His all consuming smoulder.

When the solar can’t shoulder

the might of his soldier,

tremble the closer

we encroach his closure,

with our morals chewed by molars

and melting like polar.

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