Lyrical Excercise

I pair paronomasia

with piety to paralyze paranoia

and petrified insomnia.

Yeah, a pair of lies

lie in disguise to diss guys

who try to rhyme for Christ.

But we rise to ride or die

for those who fight cries at night.

Call me corny

but I’m going from glory to glory.

You just add a gory story

to your allegory.

Extended metaphors

met with force

for erecting the elect lament

simple similes dependents

on offensive tendencies.

So silence this psycho cycle

of disciples who spiral

to spiteful idols

who idle in libel of the bible.

But you can’t bridle

the bridal groom groomed

with a tidal title

that drowned doom

in his trial.

He’s bringing a viral revival

to stifle the rivals

who are in denial.

There’s no exhaust

to my onslaught

of versatile verbal assault

that verifies the Virgin’s resolve.

Don’t be so nonchalant

when you see a juggernaut

appalled by your sputter of thoughts.

Shudder when the holy hunter

picks you to please it’s hunger

for no bunker

is safe when God comes to plunder.

The best part

is God shows no partiality

in his reality,

if your hearts are apart

you are a part of his hegemony.

So I wouldn’t hedge your money

that anything besides dependency

can appease his jealousy.

You made a decisive decision

that division is divisive,

yet use your denomination for domination

of defiance.

We defined any religion

that would bomb a nation

as an abomination

while reliving Christ’s condemnation

of accusations.

You’re probably propagating

pandering propaganda

that can’t handle

the scandal

of gathering religions as tandem

rather than demanding abandon.

Come on with these common comments

bombing calming convents

that covet conscious content

you wish were in a coffin.

At bottom your conscience

is to cautious

to protect your pompous thoughts

to pursue the promise

that God’s got it

to judge all us.

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