Day in, Day out

I want to change the world.  Not just my immediate surroundings, but the whole globe is the goal.  And it’s not for personal glory to gloat, but to bring glory to The GOAT.  This desire has colonized my thoughts and become the designer that designates my daily decisions and is what I use to decipher dire life decrees.  Each day it’s the focal point of my focus to stay open to own this onus that I may be chosen to move like Moses with the motive to notice the lowest and hopeless by bringing bonus doses of words from Him who has spoken His voice heals the broken.  Too many have thought anaemia from fatal ideas who’s whole thesis is based on a lifeless schema that drains reason to look for abundant life and true freedom.  These philosophies take all shapes from bundles of sophisticated arguments to repugnant ignorance that abandons logic and is abounding in reluctance to think critically.  This is why I see hundreds of dozens of dungeons filled with minds incumbent on someone else’s judgement because it lacks the ability to think for itself.  But before I think I can run with the horses, I must win the courses I run against footmen.  So it’s crucial I treat each day as a pupil that uses his pupils to watch and train like the teacher so he’s ready for the day of his duel.

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