I’m Talking to You

Anyone feeling me?

Anyone really healing from these?

Or do I speak these lame

lines from my veins in vain

as vanity changes

the range of my fame.

I invite you to come play in my brain,

then complain when you leave the same.

Maybe if I mine my mind

I’ll find it’s not as fine as I’ve defined.

Maybe my rhymes

should be refined

to decline the malign

and remind of the kind in mankind.

But even the blind

can see the signs

that walking by sight

brought us strife.

So I prye at pride

so we can join the pride

of Judah’s lion.

But I’m chewed up

as Judas

when I choose ta

challenge something you thought you knew.

Is that why liberals

say I’m too conservative for the future of people

Or why conservatives

conserve convergence

with my emergence

that merges

with the tendencies

of their enemies?

Cause I tend to see

you can’t condemn these “G’s”

that hallow holy hollow tips holding halos

while also commending deafening defiance

to those who hosed

them into these holes.

But to show

accord with views that oppose

only grows enmity with both those.

So I suppose

I penned this penance

on pendants pending

social relevance

and heavenly precedence

with independence from dependence

on the penchant for pensions.

My mentions receive tension

when I reminisce on the remnant

saved outside church attendance.

Yet I remain an attendant

to the attention

that it’s on account of Christ that our repentance

is returned with heaven.

Don’t lessen the level of my lessons

cause my unpleasant beckon

to question everything your presented.

For the union of Jerusalem and Athens

is my anthem

to fasten our words to actions.

And patching our passion

with the fashion of captions

can’t cover the problem captured in our atoms.

So our dichotomy

is we die coddling

our sophistry

or start modeling


Cause the modest see

it takes different modes

of thinking

to mold a code

to hold the hot and cold.

For this globe will fold

if we don’t find thinkers

to think across goals of foes.

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